how to start a prayer time

"Prayer" is a buzzword but we rarely teach people how to pray. What does that actually look like? Join us as we discuss specific application of how to start a prayer time and begin cultivating a consistent life of prayer.


exponential power of one

What does Mike selling make-up and discipleship have to do with one another? Find out as we discuss the power, and commission, each one of us has to make disciples.


is Remarriage adultery?

Jesus says remarriage is adultery but what did he mean? Join us as we discuss the idea of remarriage in part two of our Divorce and Remarriage topic.


is divorce Acceptable?

Arguably one of the most relevant and misunderstood topics in the church today. Join Mike and Nick as they discuss the topic of divorce in part one of two episodes on Divorce and Remarriage.


Tattoos, stereotypes, and the kingdom of god

What do tattoos and stereotypes have to do with the kingdom of God? Find out as Mike and Nick discuss with special guest Abel Avila how judgements on appearance, economical status, and race can be a detriment to spreading the kingdom of God.


is church hopping ok?

Is church hopping a problem? Join us as we have a frank discussion on seven reasons why people leave a church and whether those reasons are legitimate.


worship and Entertainment

The dangerously flirtatious relationship between worship and entertainment in our church culture. Join us as we chat with Jess Hottman and Ed Getzlaff, of the "Hottman Sisters", to discuss these two worlds and what it means for us as believers.


What to do with continual sin

On today's episode, Mike and Nick discuss the issue of perpetual known sin. What does the Bible say about it? What if you are struggling with it? How do you counsel someone who is living in it?


why practical theology

Join us as we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of the word theology.